A little about Koonwarra Store

Our Store Philosophy


Handmade seasonal foods and wine

Because our food and wine menus reflect the vital earthy produce of the season. The Store's pantry products and Gippsland produce delight, featuring handmade seasonal items. Our beautiful rose, herb and cottage gardens provide us with the freshest herbs and fruits, reflecting seasonal harvests.


Keeping it local

Because we source local quality product from artisan producers and profile these as Gippsland's best. We are proud of our cultural heritage and are developing our food and wine regional identity through Farmers Markets and active community involvement.


Helping the planet

Because we strongly support organic, low-impact suppliers. practices and products. At the Store we hand-make our produce, cakes, desserts, condiments and bottled fruits which form the basis of our menus, and feature in our wholesale range and farmers market products. We aim for responsible and efficient use of our resources. Most importantly, we wish to build and sustain our valued customer relations through excellence in service and conviviality.